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What Dirt Could Be Hiding in Your Office?

In a busy office where there could be dozens of workers, reps and other visitors traipsing in and out on a regular basis, it can be difficult to keep the space spotlessly clean. Whether you have in-house or contract cleaners, just giving a place an occasional once over may not be enough. Even after commercial cleaning brisbane, office cleaning brisbane or carpet cleaning brisbane, you may still have the feeling that the office is not quite as spotless as it could be – and you may well be right….

Hidden Dirt is Everywhere

Cleaners tend to start their work after everyone else has gone home so that they can get to as much of the office as possible, but if they have a limited time in which to do their work they may be forced to cut corners. By doing this it’s so easy to miss out parts of the office that aren’t used much. When you look hard enough you could find pockets of dust and debris behind radiators or on window blinds or a line of dirt round the edges of the floor that an experienced company in commercial cleaning in Brisbane like us wouldn’t dream of leaving behind. Dirty finger marks, baked-on dirt and debris on window glass, dusty pot plants, cobwebs on the ceiling and mould in hidden corners can all result from a less than thorough clean.

Smears and Residues

Modern proprietary cleaning products are very good but only if they are used properly. In most cases the correct way is to apply the product for cleaning purposes and then rinse off thoroughly. When time is short though it can be tempting to not rinse off and remove the product properly and this is when you will see smear marks or residue left behind on the surface that has just been cleaned. For example, where a window cleaning product is not rinsed off correctly you can get a build-up of sticky residue in the corners of window frames and this combines with any dirt not cleaned away to leave an unsightly mess.
We believe industrial cleaning in Brisbane is all about taking that extra time to do the job properly and thoroughly to ensure that no visible smears are left behind.
Take a look around your office premises today and see if you can spot any of the things we’ve just mentioned. If you look to us for office cleaning in Brisbane you will find a solution to all your hidden dirt problems, making for a healthier, and brighter-looking office.